PRODUCT CATEGORIES : Patio Chairs And Tables For Tropical Homes

If you hear the word ‘patio’, what comes to your mind? Are the typical sights you normally see in houses of Europe? The word ‘patio’ itself is derived from the Spanish, patio, which means garden or backyard. In general, the patio is an outdoor area that is normally used for dinner together or just hanging out with family or relatives. This area is usually fused with house and coated with asphalt, concrete, or stone block. (more…)

PRODUCT CATEGORIES : Folding Chairs and Folding Table For Various Spaces

Combining several styles of furniture in the interior of the house can create exciting eclectic style. One type of practical furniture that you can’t miss to be used in the house is folding chairs. Despite rather simple in design, this kind of chairs is very suitable in every room type in your house, even for your outdoor space. (more…)